Spring Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas, How to Escape the Crowds

Spring Scuba Diving in Cabo San Lucas

When you think of spring and Cabo San Lucas, your first thought might be partying college students and frantic nightlife. Sure, Los Cabos is a famous spring breaker destination, but there is another side to the Baja peninsula at this time of year. Think sea, sunshine, and underwater exploration.

No matter the season, Cabo San Lucas is always a phenomenal place to visit.

The seasons in Cabo San Lucas are drastically different month by month, each with their scuba diving highlights. Spring offers the best weather, ample opportunity to let your hair down, and also the chance to bump into some oceanic giants.

Unsure of the perfect time to visit Cabo San Lucas? Explore our other blog posts that dive into the unique charm and diving conditions of Cabo in each season.

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Why travel to Cabo San Lucas in Spring?

Spring in Cabo (March-May) is the ideal shirt and shorts weather with temperatures ranging from the low to high 80s °F (around 27- 31°C). With minimal cloud cover and virtually no rain, we have lower humidity making it, in my opinion, the best weather compared to the much hotter summer months and the muggy fall rainy season.

For those seeking vibrant nightlife, spring in Los Cabos offers bustling bars and clubs – perfect for letting loose. Not a party person? Craving adventure instead? No worries, Cabo caters to all.

Spring is a fantastic time of year for scuba diving and snorkeling with sea lions and whale sharks. For those who prefer to stay dry, spring offers fantastic whale-watching opportunities and is also turtle-hatching season.

Cabo San Lucas in spring ticks all the boxes: great weather, exciting diving opportunities, and a spot of local culture. It’s the perfect time for a memorable vacation. So, why not start planning your Cabo getaway today?

sea lion in cabo san lucas

Spring Scuba Diving and Ocean Activities in Cabo

Teeming with marine life and hosting a range of underwater features, Cabo San Lucas diving is second to none whatever the season. Sitting between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, we have many sheltered bays and dive sites opportunities. Just off the famous Santa Maria Bay lies The Corridor, one of our favorite locations to spot whales. Prefer the small stuff? We have an abundance of macro life to check out too. Nudibranchs, frogfish, coral worms, and even sea hares.

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Humpback wale breaching in Cabo San Lucas

Humpback Whale Watching in Cabo

Witness the Giants Before They Migrate North

Spring in Cabo San Lucas offers a unique opportunity for whale-watching enthusiasts. As April approaches, it marks the tail-end of the humpback whale migration season. At this time the Christmas crowds have thinned but the chance to witness these majestic whales breaching from the water remains high. This is your last chance to experience the awe-inspiring sight of humpbacks before they begin their extensive journey north.

Whale watching in Cabo San Lucas

Whale shark swimming in La PAZ

Swim with whale shark in La Paz

It’s Almost the end of the season, Last Chance to Dive with Whale Sharks!

Spring in Cabo San Lucas doesn’t just offer superb diving opportunities within its own bay. April also marks the final call for the whale shark season in nearby La Paz. This time of year presents a unique opportunity for divers to witness these gentle giants before they disappear for the year. With the peak crowds having subsided, you can still experience this magical encounter in the shoulder season. Don’t miss this last chance to swim alongside the world’s largest fish!

Whale shark in La Paz

school of mobula ray

Cerralvo island : Mobula rays and Wild dolphins

Prime Time for Mobula Rays at Cerralvo island

Named after the godfather of scuba diving, Jacques Cousteau Island (aka. Isla Cerralvo) lies a scenic two-and-a-half hours north near La Ventana.

This island comes alive in late April with the arrival of the first Mobula rays which gracefully leap out of the water in a spectacle you won’t soon forget.

Our private or shared Mobula Ray safaris offer the perfect opportunity to experience this natural phenomenon. The abundant Mobula rays also tend to attract orcas, creating a chance to see these apex predators in their natural habitat.

Cerralvo island, Mobula ray expedition

Wild dolphins, sperm whales and humpback whales have also been spotted here on a somewhat regular basis. Here, Divers can explore the La Reina Reef, a hidden gem offering a quieter alternative to the more crowded dive spots.

Cerralvo island, swim with wild dolphin

Learn to Dive or Level Up your Scuba Game in Cabo

Want to finally take the plunge and learn to dive? We offer the Discover Scuba Diving excursion here in Los Cabos, ready to guide you under and experience a new world. Already certified?

Take all the extended courses right up to the Divemaster certification. Plus, Easter break is the perfect time to sharpen your skills. We recommend you get a head start by doing your eLearning beforehand – more diving time, less classroom!

Scuba diving course in Cabo San Lucas

scuba diver in cabo san lucas

A Month-by-Month Guide to Spring Scuba Diving in Cabo

Spring presents Cabo San Lucas with ideal weather conditions, making it a haven for divers. Sunshine reigns supreme, with minimal rain and gradually rising temperatures


  • Weather: March is the windiest month of spring, with warm days (77°F to 82°F, around 25°C to 28°C) and cool nights.
  • Water temperatures: Temperatures range from 66°F to 74°F (19°C to 23°C), with moderate visibility (25-50 feet).
  • Diving gear & Wetsuit: A 3mm to 5mm wetsuit is recommended based on your personal tolerance.


  • Weather: Sunshine continues, with temperatures mirroring March (66°F to 74°F, around 19°C to 23°C).
  • Water temperatures: Water remain a bit chilly at 66°F to 74°F (19°C to 23°C) with moderate visibility (25-50 feet).
  • Diving gear & Wetsuit: A 3mm to 5mm wetsuit is still suitable, depending on your comfort level.


  • Weather: May brings the warmest spring days (77°F to 82°F, around 25°C to 28°C) and comfortable nights.
  • Water temperatures: Temperatures dip a little more to 60°F to 71°F (15°C to 22°C), with slightly reduced visibility (20-40 feet).
  • Diving gear & Wetsuit: Due to cooler water temperatures, a 5mm to 7mm long wetsuit is recommended for optimal comfort during your dives.


Spring : Things to do in Cabo San Lucas, Festivals and Events Not to Miss

Spring in Cabo San Lucas isn’t just about sunshine and diving – it’s a vibrant time to immerse yourself in local Mexican culture and traditions. From religious celebrations to artistic expressions, Cabo offers a diverse calendar of experiences throughout the season.


Towards the end of spring, surfers have the opportunity to catch some waves at Cabo’s many reef and beach breaks good for both beginners and pros.


As for adventures on land, spring provides comfortable temperatures for exploring the stunning Biosphere Reserve of Sierra La Laguna UNESCO by bike or hike. Take a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear freshwater lakes, the very source that supplies much of Los Cabos!

Cultural Events and Festivals

Semana Santa (Holy Week) / Easter Week

The Semana Santa is a week-long celebration, typically in March or April, is one of the most important religious holidays in Mexico. Processions, special church services, and traditional family gatherings mark the occasion.

Art Walk San Jose del Cabo

The art walk of San Jose del Cabo is held every Thursday evening from November to April, this vibrant art scene takes over the streets of San Jose del Cabo. Stroll through galleries, sip on some wine, and witness a showcase of Cabo’s creative side.

National Days and Public Holidays

  • Mid-March: Benito Juárez’s Birthday (Natalicio de Benito Juárez): A national holiday honoring Benito Juárez, a loved Mexican president known for his fight against foreign intervention.
  • May 1st: Labor Day (Día del Trabajo): A national holiday celebrating workers’ rights and contributions to society. Public offices and some businesses may be closed.
  • Cinco de Mayo: While not widely celebrated in Cabo, this national holiday commemorates the Mexican victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. While it’s actually more popular in the USA due to some clever marketing by beer companies, you might find some restaurants and bars offering special menus or decorations.

Scuba diver group on boat in Cabo San Lucas

How to Escape the Cabo Spring Crowds

Not keen on the lively buzz of Cabo in the springtime? It’s no drama, We have a few bonus tips for you on how to avoid the crowds.

Embrace the Outdoors

Spring offers the perfect blend of sunshine and comfortable temperatures for maximizing your time outdoors. Whether you’re diving vibrant coral reefs, or exploring the stunning Biosphere Reserve, Cabo’s natural beauty is waiting for you.

Plan Your Stay Wisely

Consider choosing a slightly more prestigious hotel or head a little outside of the main town. For a cultural yet quiet stay, a boutique hotel up the road in San Jose del Cabo might be perfect for you where you can really explore the Art Walk.

Early Bird Gets the Worm (and the Best Diving)

Early mornings in Cabo are a good idea to escape the crowds. While the party goers are sleeping it off, you can seize the day by booking tours or activities with earlier start times. This allows you to avoid crowds and experience some tranquillity before Cabo wakes up. Turns out, our famous Mobula Rays are also morning people. Take an early morning tour for your best chances of a sighting.

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