Cabo San Lucas diving holidays : Summertime in the Sea of Cortez

Summer in the sea of Cortez

Cabo San Lucas and the Baja California Sur peninsula is particularly well known in the scuba diving and snorkeling world for amazing animal encounters, big aquatic life and beautiful conditions in the autumn and winter months. So how does summer compare for our aquatic adventurers?

You want to find out what could be your next summer vacation? Keep reading below and discover what Cabo has to offer during the summer months!


Why visit Cabo and things to do in Summer?

Yes, it is true, fall and winter are considered the high season for Cabo San Lucas, especially for water enthusiasts. But diving and snorkeling are still great in summer, offering a wide variety of ocean experiences. However, Cabo has something to offer in every season: there is no universal bad or good time to visit! Only a short direct flight from the USA main airports such as Los Angeles, San Diego or Houston, Cabo’s low season means cheaper flights and hotels: so you can schedule a low budget vacation in the quieter summer months. It also means fewer visitors, hence less crowded beaches, accommodations and restaurants!

Summer in Cabo also means a bit of extra swell : this attracts surfers of course! June to September are the best surfing months around Cabo. There are also many additional things to do in the summer season in Cabo: such as outdoor music festivals and restaurant dining in trendy farm-to-table eateries such as el Huerto, Flora Farms and Tamarindo.

Last but not least, do not miss the chance to visit the waterfalls at Santiago, and relax while taking a bath in the hot spring, or take a walk through the evening Art walk in San Jose.

Best summer scuba diving experience In Baja California

The Sea of Cortez has a huge variety of beautiful places to see and plenty of aquatic activities to keep you busy. If you are visiting Los Cabos this summer as either a scuba diver or a snorkeler there are some great memories to be made.

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Mobula rays in Cabo San Lucas

The Mobula Ray Migration

One of the most impressive aggregations of wildlife on the planet comes to Cabo. We swim with huge ‘squadrons’ of Mobula rays in their tens of thousands right inside the bay of Cabo San Lucas.

Only 5 minutes by boat. Incredible! Cabo San Lucas is where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean and we venture into both to search for them. Finding them is easy as they leap, jump and pop out of the water from the depths to create a sonic wave of communication with the hard slap of their landing. As just one theory goes. The Mobula rays behaviour is a visual metaphor of watery popcorn exploding into action; it is both an impressive and unforgettable sight.

We can take you to see these Mobula aggregations between May and August :

Mobula Snorkeling Tour

Mobula Diving Tour

Hammerhead shark at Gordo Banks

Gordo Banks

This deep pinnacle is located 25 minutes out of San Jose marina and is a very advanced dive site.

Sightings of schooling hammerheads are frequent among other pelagic animals. Other species of shark have been seen: last year a rare handful of Pacific Sharp Nose were spotted near the surface. Summer is swell season so a deep dive away from the coast is often the perfect option for those who are qualified.

We need you to check out dive with us first at minimum Advanced level to dive at Gordo Banks.

Gordo Banks Dive Tour

Jacques Cousteau island

Jacques Cousteau Island

The Jacques Cousteau Island, historically known as Cerralvo Island, this little corner of paradise was renamed after the world-famous ocean explorer who led several expeditions and conservation projects in this area. The deserted island near La Ventana is surrounded by great snorkeling and diving spots that are absolutely perfect for beginner divers. Common encounters here include giant manta, groupers and marlins; at the same time, turtles, dolphins, orcas and mobula rays will be sure to provide the additional thrill.

Diving on Jacques Cousteau Island
Bull shark swimming in Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo National Park

If aquatic life is the focus of your vacation then this ground breaking marine reserve is arguably one of the best places to visit in Baja California Sur. You can do this on a day trip from Cabo.

The Cabo Pulmo National Park gives divers more freedom in the summer months to explore the popular reefs: Reefs that are, by September’s ‘high season’, more restricted in the interests of reducing human impact.

For non-divers wishing to cool off in the heat of the summer a snorkel tour in Cabo Pulmo is one of the best in the area. At Cabo Pulmo dive with Bull Shark and tornado of Jacks, snorkel next to sea lions, visit a beach popular with turtles and swim above beautiful soft coral reefs.

Cabo Pulmo dive trip

Scuba diver La Paz shipwreck

La Paz Wreck

For an unforgettable day of wreck diving, join us on a trip to the wrecks off the coast of La Paz; You will be able to dive two different shipwrecks; the famous Fang Ming (the first boat ever to be scuttled in Latin America) and the 65 feet long US military boat named C59/USS Diploma wreck. Both dives are suitable for beginners to advanced divers, and they are the greatest choice in the summer season, when the weather is at its best in the channel.

La Paz Wreck Diving Tour

Espiritu Santo island

Espiritu Santo Island, La Paz.

Espiritu Santo Island is one of the most beautiful in the whole of the Sea of Cortez. It was declared an UNESCO biosphere reserve in the 90’s. You can visit an old pearl farm, a huge frigate colony and lunch on one of the world’s top ten most beautiful beaches (Travel Magazine 2016). For water enthusiasts you can swim at some amazing snorkel spots and see turtles, tropical fish families and rays. This island tour is a full day trip from Cabo.

Espiritu Santo Island Tours

Cabo San Lucas diving and snorkeling in summer

Scuba Diving in Los Cabos

July and August last year saw incredible wildlife encounters on the canyon wall. An oceanic Giant Manta Ray made Cabo home for the summer and we kept seeing huge numbers of eagle rays, mobula rays and stingray. In addition to this Cabo is famous for all the usual suspects: five common species of eel, macro life that includes frogfish, seahorses and nudibranch and also several species of turtles, sharks and tropical fish families.

Not certified diver yet? Maybe this summer will be the time to learn how to dive ? Treat yourself to a private guide and get the best chance to spot the most wildlife. We run tours every day morning, afternoon and evening.

Scuba Diving Tour in Cabo

Snorkeling the Bay of Cabo

With higher temperatures and chances of rainfall, the waters fill up with majestic creatures coming to feed off this coast. No need to dive deep to witness the exceptional mobula migration, snorkelers will appreciate the mobulas from the surface. And dolphins will make sure to top it up!

Summer is obviously hot. So combining a tour to the arch with a quick dip at the Pelican Rock reef is a sure way to cool off while making the most of being out on the boat. It’s a short trip so no need to get up too early and you still have the afternoon to sit by the pool. Remember your reef safe sunscreen!

Tours run from 7.30am to escape the crowds up to 2pm.

Snorkeling Tour in Cabo

Beach in Cabo San Lucas

Summer weather and diving condition in Los Cabos

Weather in Cabo

The months between June and October are the hot, summer months. The atmospheric temperature starts warming up in June and reaches its peak in August and September, up to 91 degrees Fahrenheit. In Cabo the months of August, September and October are also the rainy season, even though chances of rain are still pretty low – about 20% each day: a little liquid sunshine that will most likely not affect your vacation!

Water Temperature in Cabo

Water temperature in summer in Cabo is surprisingly cold due to upwelling from deep Alaskan waters. With it we receive nutrient rich water which attracts all the amazing pelagic life and makes Cabo a fishing hotspot. Snorkeling and Diving is still amazing but until August you may need to don a thick suit. In August the temperature in Cabo San Lucas rises anywhere to 74-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Water Visibility in cabo

The water visibility changes rapidly year round and is hard to predict. However we can predict more days of good visibility between. August to November, water visibility in Cabo reaching up to 100ft+

Do I need a wetsuit to dive in the summer in Cabo San Lucas?

During summer in Cabo any decent tour provider will provide 5mm – 7mm wetsuit for diving and 3mm shorties for activities at the surface, such as snorkeling or observing the mobula migration. A wetsuit is generally always recommended, not only for its insulation properties but also to protect from scrapes and cuts.

See our wetsuit chart by season

Month by month Summer weather forecast in Cabo

These figures are approximations based on historical averages and can vary from year to year.

June weather in Cabo

Min Temperature 75°F 24°C
Max Temperature 90°F 32°C
Water Temperature 73-79°F 23-26°C
Rainfall 0.1 inches 2.5 mm

July weather in Cabo

Min Temperature 77°F 25°C
Max Temperature 93°F 34°C
Water Temperature 75-82°F  24-28°C
Rainfall 0.3 inches 7.6 mm

August weather in Cabo

Min Temperature 77°F 25°C
Max Temperature 93°F 34°C
Water Temperature 77-84°F 25-29°C
Rainfall 0.6 inches 15.2 mm


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