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If you are over the age of 10 and are medically fit to dive then you can sign up for our private PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience program. This is not a license! Just an opportunity to learn some skills and techniques needed for diving down to 40ft.

Here in Cabo San Lucas we have the perfect reef for this activity! The descent is on a shallow sandy bottom in an area roped off from boat traffic. The sloping sandy bottom gradually deepens where fish schools naturally congregate on one of two sides of a pinnacle and it’s possible just to sit in the sand at 25 feet and enjoy. If you are feeling adventurous we can swim a little way around the reef and enjoy the deeper side to 40ft.  

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Cabo San Lucas is very accessible for beginner divers because the reef is only 5 minutes by boat and the wildlife is plentiful.
Snorkel/Scuba Trip Mix are all available.

What's inclued

  • Private guide
  • Dive theory and briefing
  • Shared or Private boat Boat upgrade
  • Diving equipment
  • Refreshments and light snacks
  • Go Pro footage


Every day
Morning : 7.30 am
Afternoon : 12.45 pm


From Cabo San Lucas Marina


1 tank : 2 hours
2 tanks : 3.5 hours

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Beginner scuba diving tours

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$ 170 pp

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Private instructor & equipment included

Adult 1 Tank : $125 pp

Kids 2 tank : $150 pp

Kids 1 tank : $150 pp

Kids 10 – 12 year-old

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Private Boat

$ 225 pp

2 Tank

Private instructor & equipment included

Adult 1 Tank : $199 pp

Kids 2 tank : $195 pp

Kids 1 tank : $145 pp

Kids 10 – 12 year-old

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Medical Form
All participants must be over the age of 10 and are medically fit : See the PADI Medical Form

Passengers and Snorkelers
Snorkel/Scuba Trip Mix are all available.

Transportation & Hotel pick up
In option, add a private transportation. Inquire about Hotel pickup availability.

Professional photographer
In option, add a private professional photography service for any local tour.

Scuba Diving Reviews


Thank you, Cabo Private Guide for the experience of a lifetime!

This was my very first time scuba diving and everything from start to finish exceeded all expectations. My boyfriend and I chose Cabo Private Guide to take us out for my open water certification. While Laura, the owner, was unable to join…

By Margo W on TripAdvisor

Amazing experience

My first time diving in Cabo and it was amazing! We saw sea lions, cownose rays, and SO many beautiful fish! I haven’t been diving in 2 years, am pretty inexperienced, and I felt totally comfortable. My husband and friend also did…

By Olivia B on TripAdvisor

Great for a first time diver!

Doing my first "Discovery Dive" with Antonio was amazing! He taught me everything that a first timer needed to know about diving, took me aside to practice some safety drills, and then we dove and he let me hold his hand THE…

By Danielle on TripAdvisor

Great Team and Company 6 out of 5 stars!

Cabo Private Guide, and Laura, Jenny and her team are truly wonderful to work with. I was looking for a company that could handle my whole family 10 12 and 14 year old and my wife- and I was the only one…

By Rob I on TripAdvisor

Highly Recommend!! Wonderful from start to finish

Highly Highly Recommend this company. We had Certified scuba divers, Discovery Divers and snorkelers and they were able to accommodate all of us. Great Dive Masters. Will be using again on return trip to Cabo. Appreciate how easy it was to book…

By Deedee Beem on TripAdvisor

What you will see on a beginner dive in Los Cabos

Once you have had your briefing and you don your equipment, the diving instructor will help you into the water where you will find a shallow spot / descent line for skills practice.

After you have completed the necessary skills, as outlined bellow, we will start our dive. You can immediately expect to see lots of puffer fish because they like to swim over the sandy area where we descend. With them we often see Mexican Hogfish hanging around hoping for a bit of mollusk kicked up by your fins as we travel to the main pinnacle.

Once at the pinnacle it’s very common to see eels, octopus, brightly coloured sea slugs, small crustaceans and California cup coral brightening up the pinnacle wall. Tropical fish include the Cortez Angelfish that likes to come and say hello as close to your nose as possible and the King Angelfish that eats your exhaled bubbles above your head.

Other crowd pleasers include the long trumpetfish and the big schools of snapper, goat fish and grunts. We have had some larger surprises such as sea lions, large rays, schooling mobula rays, small reef sharks and turtles!

Try scuba diving in Cabo before starting your certification

A beginner scuba dive incorporates some of the skills needed for the PADI Open Water course. You can actually count one introduction dive towards your license – as long as you continue your scuba journey with us!

These skills are performed after a detailed briefing and knowledge theory review with your instructor. To make sure you understand some basic concepts of the science of diving as well as learning hand signals and other necessary information required to the PADI standards.


PADI Discover Scuba Diving Skills

The skills you should complete on this dive are as follows:

  • Clearing water from the mouth piece with the purge and blast method
  • Recovering and replacing a mouthpiece hose from behind the shoulder
  • Clearing some water out of a mask
  • Hand signals
  • Equalization techniques
  • Demonstrate how to use your buoyancy control device (the flotation jacket attached to the tank).

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