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Cabo San Lucas whale watching tours

  • Whale watching in Cabo
  • December 15 – April 15th

Every year from December 15 to April 15 Los Cabos witnesses the incredible migration of humpback whales from Alaska and Canada. These beautiful animals arrive in warmer climes to engage in mating behaviour and to birth their young. Take a two and a half hour tour on a fast, comfortable panga (or upgrade to a luxury boat?) out into the Sea of Cortez and find families of humpbacks breaching, jumping and slapping at the surface. Occasionally grey whales, orcas and blue whales are spotted.

There will be drinks and snacks for the duration. You can choose an early morning tour, late morning or afternoon tour.

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You might be wondering what goes on on your whale watching tour? How do we find the whales and what can you expect to see? Not long after the sun comes up, Humpback whales start to play!

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  • Private guide
  • Private Panga boat Options : Yachts and Luxury Vessels
  • Water and Snacks


Every day


From Cabo San Lucas Marina


2 and a half hours

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Whale watching in Cabo

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If you’re looking for a more luxurious way to experience whale watching in Cabo San Lucas we invite you to browse our yacht catalogue.

Choose from a selection of yachts, sailboats and catamarans with all-inclusive food and drink menus.

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Whale Watching Reviews

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Whale Watching

Mireya and the capitan were absolutely amazing!!! Best experience of ever ! We enjoyed every moment. Every time they saw a whale siting they would go over and beyond to make sure we saw and took great pictures! They are very educated…

By janelle S on TripAdvisor

Whale watching and snorkel private tour

Laura was very easy to work with and her tour guides made the whale watching memorable. They let us adjust to how much whale watching vs sborkeling we wanted to do. Excellent views.of whales interacting and jumping.

By Monica F on TripAdvisor

Amazing time, wonderful company, and fantastic guides!

Laura and her company, Cabo Private Guide, were highly recommended on the Pueblo Buento Owners Group. I called several other companies, and chose Laura's because of her great communication, prices, and custom trip for my group. She was wonderful about explaining where…

By Alissa on TripAdvisor

No hesitation in recommending

Laura and her team are consistently excellent. They are friendly, approachable and make getting in the water feel comfy, no matter your experience level. I have no hesitation in recommending them (and regularly do) to anyone who comes to Los Cabos. I…

By Jb7380 on TripAdvisor

Personalized service is their hallmark and it shows.

Personalized service is their hallmark and it shows. The guides are fantastic and show you great dives. If you are diving in Cabo you can stop looking and book with Cabo Private Guide.

By Jeff B on Google

Whale watching and snorkel private tour

Laura was very easy to work with and her tour guides made the whale watching memorable. They let us adjust to how much whale watching vs sborkeling we wanted to do. Excellent views.of whales interacting and jumping.

By Monica F on TripAdvisor

Incredible whale viewing

INCREDIBLE! The whale watching and snorkel combo was fantastic! We saw a pod of whales breech at least about 10 times and were able to follow them with the boat! We did the private tour and it was well worth every cent.…

By SailorChica on TripAdvisor


Great experience we encounter whales, dolphins, turtles and the service was phenomenal highly recommended!

By alexschmidtm on TripAdvisor

Fantastic service and knowledge

From the ease of booking and flexibility to the great guide, they were great. Very knowledgable about the region and they seem to have a good network of guides and resources to tailor a trip exactly how you want it. When I…

By Demian R on TripAdvisor

Humpback Whale Behaviours

Humpback Whale can be spotted as they come up to breathe and their breath disperses water from their blowhole. When it’s time to dive deep their tail, ‘or fluke’ , is easily seen. If you’re lucky enough to see the underside then you are seeing their ‘fingerprint’. This pattern is how citizen science organisations such as identify individuals.

The most exciting behaviours are breaching, fin slapping and head slapping! Breaching is when whales launch themselves out of the water. Why do they do this? There are a number of theories: the first is because they like to attract attention by making a loud noise, either to warn off competition or gain attention.

We see mother and baby doing it too, so the mother is thought to be playing and teaching her offspring!

Why do the humpback whales come down to Cabo?

What makes this place so popular with the whales? Well that’s easy!

Los Cabos is on the tip of the peninsular; at the gateway to the Sea of Cortez which is known to be one of the most biodiverse seas on the planet. Not only this, but many whales species treat the Cortez like an ocean nursery away from the vast and open Pacific Ocean.

Baja California waters are better suited to newborns and when it’s time to mate and give birth they travel south for the warmth and protection that it provides. The feeding grounds in Alaska and Northern Canada are very cold and the baby must be nursed to strength on the journey home.

The mother will not feed during this time. During the whale watching season, which runs December 15 – April 15, you are likely to see many young whale playing on the surface with their mother as she teaches them how to breach, fluke and head slap: behaviours necessary for attracting a mate when they grow into adolescence.

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