PADI diving specialty course

PADI Diving Specialty Course in Los Cabos

We have a number of varied and exciting courses on offer with experienced instructors who have been teaching these specialties for a number of years.

From Marine conservation training to Deep diving and Nitrox Specialty, you will find the ones that suit you !

Check out bellow the full list of diving speciality available at Cabo Private Guide.


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Deep Diving and Nitrox Specialty

Our most popular request is for Deep Diving and Enriched Air Nitrox, but there are so many specialties to choose from, check out the full list below.


Deep Diving

We have the perfect location here in the bay for different dives in the course. The deep diver course will take you to 130ft/40m. This is a great course for extending your insurance cover because you are covered for the depth you are certified to.


Enriched Air Nitrox.

Another great course you might want to consider is the Enriched Air Nitrox specialty. Extend your bottom time between 60to 90ft (18 – 30m) and learn how you use air with more o2 and less nitrogen.

Project Aware and Marine Conservation training

We are extremely passionate about conservation and we have conservation courses from PADI’s affiliate non-profit organisation : Project Aware.


Get 50% discount on your next conservation Course

We actually offer the Project Aware Specialist course for half price when you book any Scuba diving course.

Learn more about our Marine Conservation Project


We want to teach you how to be a better diver to preserve the oceans and aquatic environment – the two go hand-in-hand.

From the Project Aware organisation we teach the following specialties :

  • Project Aware Speciality
  • Project Aware Coral Conservation
  • Project Aware Shark Conservation
  • Project Aware Dive Against Debris
  • Project Aware Fish Identification.

These courses are great for family trips if you want to introduce an environmental lesson to the dive class. Project Aware Specialist and Coral Conservation are non-diving courses. So you can even participate in these on a Zoom presentation with one of our instructors before you come to Cabo. Check out our online courses page

Enriched air nitrox

List of PADI Specialties at Cabo Private Guide

Please contact us separately for prices and schedule. Some of these dives can be done in one day and some specialties you need to allow for 2 days.

Most of these classes are not focusing on a lot of theory and the book/ online accompaniment does not make for a long theory session. With the exception of the Nitrox certification, we like to focus more on practical, in water skills.


Here is a list of PADI Specialties currently available at Cabo Private Guide :

  • Deep Diver
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Wreck Diver
  • Search and Recover Diver
  • Self-Reliant Diver
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy
  • Underwater Navigator
  • Drift Diver
  • Underwater photographer
  • Project Aware Shark Conservation
  • Project Aware Dive Against Debris
  • Project Aware Specialist
  • Project Aware Coral Conservation
  • Project Aware Fish ID
  • PADI training and Conservation

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PADI Specialty Course

All our courses include a Private Instructor | Price in USD | 5% Cash Discount

PADI Specialty Course

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Diving course reviews


Top Notch Experience Great Dives

I booked two courses for Peak Performance Buoyancy and Deep Diving. The attention and instructions were top notch. Laura made me do the work! Not just check me off. A steady pressure of good teaching and patience with a true heart of…

By burdman79 on TripAdvisor

Shark Conservation!!

I took the Shark Conservation course with Laura and very highly recommend it! She is so knowledgeable and really brought the material to life with her own experiences. It was a very convicting seminar and has certainly motivated me to become active…

By Larissa C on TripAdvisor

Best guide in cabo!

I cant say enough great things about cabo private guide and Laura. LAURA is the best. I have been diving with her and just finished 4 PADI courses with her. She is the best guide and instructor. I'd recommend her for all…

By Sara on TripAdvisor

Shark Conservation Certificate

Completed the Project Aware Shark Conservation Certificate online with Laura.Your seminar really opened my eyes to my scuba diving ​values. I would hate to be instructing just for the sake of it and you really did open my mind (and my heart)…

By Chelsea Hughes on TripAdvisor

Fantastic training by an awesome crew!

I am staying in Cabo San Lucas for the summer and completing several dive courses with Cabo Private Guide. Laura, Felipe, Ana, and Mariana are all highly skilled top-notch professionals that are not only extremely knowledgeable but also make you feel incredibly…

By Brandon W on TripAdvisor

Open water Dive certification

Marissa and Laura were very helpful in getting my open water dive certification. Super easy, patient and helpful every step of the way. We got to see great marine life and and would suggest Cabo private guide to everyone. Thanks again

By Matt D on TripAdvisor

Open Water PADI and Cabo Pulmo

Had an incredible time getting certified for open water - Laura and her team (Jenny and Brandon) were super friendly and flexible with our dates. Very patient and helpful in making us super comfortable in the water. Would highly recommend! Also went…

By Jenny L on TripAdvisor

Open water scuba certification

I signed up with CPG to get my PADI Scuba Certification and really enjoyed working with these guys! Laura and Jenny were extremely passionate about diving and very knowledgeable! Learning to dive is a beautiful sport and learning in Cabo was perfect!…

By Katie A on TripAdvisor

Had the BEST TIME with Cabo Private Dive!!

Getting my scuba certification was my 2020 bucket list item. I came to Cabo Private Guide to finish the open water portion of my scuba certification. Laura was great! I needed special accommodations due to a bum ankle and Laura went out…

By Colette C on TripAdvisor

This team is amazing!

Getting PADI open water certified with Antonio was absolutely perfect. He is an excellent teacher and made the biggest difference in getting my certification. If I had to choose all over again I would pick Cabo Private Guide every time. Although the…

By Carly E on TripAdvisor

Superb Cabo Dive Experience

Open Water Diver Certification with Jenny S. - Amazing experience! I was a last minute booking, Laura & Jenny were flexible, friendly and professional. Jenny was a superb instructor; this was my first experience with scuba. Jenny was patient, knowledgeable, thorough and…

By Seth S on TripAdvisor