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Conservation and PADI AWARE

Cabo Private Guide is a 100% AWARE 5 star PADI Dive Center.

This means we donate some of our profits to ocean conservation through the PADI AWARE organization.

We also commit to offering a range of specialist courses that educate everyone (not just divers in some cases!) about the decline of the ocean and what we need to do at the grass-routes level to help save our seas.

Take a look at the marine conservation courses we offer here at Cabo Private Guide!

What is it?

The journey of our trash is vast. Human waste is never-ending. One truck load of trash is emptied into the sea every minute.

Microplastics you can’t even see are ingested by fish, large plastics are swallowed by all animals at sea and hundreds of miles of discarded ghost fishing nets account for some of the most devastating effects of human impact.

PADI AWARE’s Dive Against Debris course invites you to spend a day with the dive team learning about how trash gets into the oceans, how you will safely remove it from the dive area and how to record it on the LARGEST citizen scientist underwater international database.

So far, collective efforts have enabled 2 significant scientific papers to be published filling a critical data gap.

Join us to protect the underwater world!

Who is it for?

Any certified diver who wants to join a global movement, has a passion for environmental issues and wants to learn how to make every dive count.

  • Prerequisites: Junior Open Water Level


What’s involved:

eLearning to be completed before arrival.

The morning session will be spent in the classroom discussing key issues, followed by a detailed briefing and introduction to the database and AWARE app orientation for entering the information.

After the lunch break the divers will head out to a dive site chosen by staff and help collect waste.

Once back on the boat the waste will be divided into categories

  • How long does it take: 7 hours with a lunch break. 1 tank dive for trash collection.
  • Equipment involved and provided: Standard dive equipment. Gloves, extra cutting tools, lift bags, mesh bags, survey slate, communication devices, surface marker buoys.

Extra note! If you’re coming the first Sunday of the month you will be able to join our monthly clean up where we join local divers and pro divers to make one big clean!

Price & Booking

Dive Against Debris Specialty

All our courses include a Private Instructor | Price in USD | Cash discount available

Conservation course

$ 250 pp

1 cleanup dive

INCLUDED: Course equipment, tanks, weights, light snacks for the surface intervals, water.

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