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PADI Project Aware

Project AWARE Conservation Courses

How to create ocean awareness and seize the passion of travelers   Cleaner, Healthier Initiatives “Project AWARE connects the passion for ocean adventure with the purpose of marine conservation” If you are anything like me, millenial or otherwise, you’d heard abou PADI…

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Enriched air nitrox

Enriched Air Nitrox: An Introduction

Are you a certified scuba diver with good air consumption? Good enough that you are surfacing with plenty of air after most dives?  Then you might seriously consider taking a PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course. You can also enquire about an introduction…

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Mobula Ray migration

Mobulas y Distanciamiento Animal en Los Cabos

El nado (así como el  buceo con tanque y la apnea o buceo a pulmón) con móbulas durante los meses de verano frente a las costas de  Baja California Sur es una atracción al alcance de todos aquellos que buscan el turismo…

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Reef Safe Sunscreen

Diving : Reef Safe Sunscreen

  If you’re a warm water enthusiast maybe you have at some point made the common mistake of putting on sunscreen just before donning mask and snorkel and throwing yourself excitedly into the blue. Seconds later you experience a furious eye burn…

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The Dive Sites of Los Cabos

  Which are the best dive site in Los Cabos ? From scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean at the sea lion colony that sits above a large shipwreck, to the huge canyon wall of the Sea of Cortez on the north…

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