The Flight of the Mobula Rays

  It’s first light in Cabo San Lucas, the sun is rising over the entrance to the marina and a pink sky frames the open ocean inviting us to explore the deep blue sea. There are few boats out as dawn shifts into early morning and we are excited to see the calm seas ahead.

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Weights and Wetsuits: A Guide to Fine-Tuning your Buoyancy.

Suddenly it’s that time of year again; the cold water Pacific up-welling embalms the coral reefs that reside in the mouth of the Sea of Cortez; from Cabo San Lucas bay to The Corridor to Cabo Pulmo National Park. 3mm shorties are swiftly replaced with 7mm long suits followed by hoods, gloves, rash guards and

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The Dive Sites of Los Cabos

From scuba diving in the Pacific Ocean at the sea lion colony that sits above a large shipwreck, to the huge canyon wall of the Sea of Cortez on the north side, the diving here in Cabo San Lucas is hugely understated and mightily impressive. You would think that between the hundreds of boats that

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