About Us

Who are we?

Laura is the founder of Cabo Private Guide. After a period travelling the world as a dive center manager she finally settled down in Cabo San Lucas. She has been working in the waters of Baja California for a number of years and is a Cabo Pulmo specialist. Laura has ample knowledge, contacts and experience to optimize your tour. She is a Master Instructor qualified to train anyone from beginner diver up to professional instructor. Laura has been a professional diver for 10 years and has over 5000 dives as well as being a freediving, paddle boarding and kayaking enthusiast.

Laura has a team of guides of equal expertise for larger groups.

If you sign up anywhere for a private boat/guide in a big company you will pay the regular tour price, an additional cost to cover lost sales PLUS a private guide price. We provide guides with whatever transport and equipment may be needed at a competitive price based on how many people are actually going: not on how many people are not.

In any sector of the service industry you normally would expect to pay more for a more experienced expert. In the scuba diving industry this is not the case. You pay the price determined by the dive shop no matter if you have a rookie just out of their instructor course or a guide that only needs 60 dives under his belt to class as a ‘professional’. Learning to dive or improving your scuba skills shouldn’t be any different. Cabo Private Guide promise to use experienced, highly qualified instructors who can prove over 3 years instructional experience and over 3000 guided dives.

We are the number one choice for those with their own boat. Cabo Private Guide will bring equipment directly to you.

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