Cabo Private Guide evolved out of a desire to provide a personal and exclusive service to those who want to escape the crowd in busy Cabo San Lucas. Now Cabo Private Guide is also successfully operating tours in the surrounding tourist areas of Baja Sur, mainly: San Jose, Cabo Pulmo and La Paz. Cabo Private Guide is perfect for groups who; want to arrive at the dive site at a different time to everybody else, want 1 to 1 dive training or to those who want a complete snorkel lesson from scratch. Maybe you are a diver that doesn’t want to be held back, or hold anyone else back, by different rates of air consumption. No matter the motivation we can reserve a private boat, we can be a private guide on a regular tour boat or, can devise an itinerary and accompany a group with their own vessel. The private guide service also includes hotel recommendations, organizing land based tours and “escaping the crowd” options.


Why choose Cabo Private Guide?


If you sign up anywhere for a private boat/guide in a big company you will pay the regular tour price, an additional cost to cover lost sales PLUS a private guide price. We provide guides with whatever transport and equipment may be needed at a competitive price based on how many people are actually going: not on how many people are not.


In any sector of the service industry you normally would expect to pay more for a more experienced expert. In the scuba diving industry this is not the case. You pay the price determined by the dive shop no matter if you have a rookie just out of their instructor course or a guide that only needs 60 dives under his belt to class as a ‘professional’. Learning to dive or improving your scuba skills shouldn’t be any different. Cabo Private Guide promise to use experienced, highly qualified instructors who can prove over 3 years instructional experience and over 3000 guided dives.


We are the number one choice for those with their own boat. Cabo Private Guide will bring equipment directly to you.